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Student Support

A whole school Learning and Support Team meets regularly to discuss policies and programs dealing with the welfare of all students in the school.

Our school’s Student Wellbeing Policy is committed to the well-being of the whole school community and is a reflection of our core values.

The welfare of the school community is a joint responsibility of the students, staff and parents/caregivers.

Aboriginal Student Support

Ms Tamika Fox is the AEO and coordinates programs and services for Aboriginal students at Lismore High Campus. A major role is the development of Personalised Learning Plans for Aboriginal students and ensuring the Department of Education, Aboriginal Education Policy is implemented at Lismore High Campus.


The Relieving Principal, Mr Kirt Swanbury has the responsibility for the leadership and management of the school. If there is a very serious matter or those involving teachers, students can discuss this matter with him.

Deputy Principals

The Deputy Principals, Mrs Stephanie Coble-Runge and Mr Trent Graham, have responsibility for daily management of student welfare and discipline in the school. They work closely with student support staff in the school. If it is a serious matter, they will coordinate the school response.

Careers Adviser

The Careers Adviser, Mr Glenn Jeffery, assists students and parents with information on career planning, selection of electives to be studied and assists in transition onto the senior campus, further training or work. He also organises Work Experience and Workplace Learning placements and arranges talks by various industry representatives and other careers-related excursions and events.


Our School Chaplain is available to assist students at our campus. She is involved in various welfare programs and provides assistance to support students and families in need.

Girls Adviser

We have Mrs Emma Pruess as our Girl Adviser. Girls can discuss issues with this staff member who may refer them to other support services.

School Psychologists (Counsellors)

Our psychologists are at the campus throughout the week. The psychologists /counsellors specialise in performance, personal and study issues. Those who wish to see a counsellor, or whom a counsellor wishes to see, will have an appointment made for them. Should the need arise parents/carers are also welcome to contact the campus counsellors for an appointment to discuss their child and his/her needs. All appointments occur on campus premises.

They are available to talk to both parents and students, providing advice in coping with personal, family and academic problems. Students who want to see the School Counsellor should visit the School Counsellor’s Office upstairs in A Block. If the door is closed, leave your name with the Administration Office staff and the School Counsellor will contact you. We are fortunate to have Mrs Janelle Jeffery and Mrs Jenny Strong, counsellors available for our students.

Year Advisers

Year Advisers are responsible for the general welfare of a specific year group of students. Generally, they stay with the year group until they graduate. They liaise with students, parents/carers and staff to provide additional support and understanding to students. Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s Year Adviser (in confidence) should there be a concern with their child or a change in family circumstances (accident, illness, death, separation etc.) that may have an effect on their child or their child’s wellbeing or ability to complete set class work and /or assignments.

Support Unit (Special Education)

The Support Unit provides a structured learning environment for those students with special learning needs. We have three classes, each supported by a teacher and Support Learning Officer.

The majority of our students are integrated into mainstream classes for their electives. Our students go to Science, P.E., LOTE, Art, Industrial Art, Food Technology and Music, all with specially trained teachers.

One of our main focus areas is Work Education, where we prepare our students for Post School Options.