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Contacting your student at school

Please contact the Administration office if you wish to contact your student at school. Students are not to have mobile phones on at school. By contacting the office, we can make sure your message is relayed to the student and unnecessary disruptions to lessons are avoided.


Our school has an official Facebook page where the latest information will be posted. This is particularly useful if excursions are late or there have been changes during the day. Our school community members can join by 'liking' our page and can receive notifications.

Interviews / Meetings

Parents are encouraged to contact the school with any enquiries. Administration staff will direct contact with the appropriate staff member. It is often not possible to speak to a member of staff, as they may be on class. The administration staff will contact the staff member who may make a phone meeting or request a face-to-face meeting at school.


Students and the school are often in media, television, radio, print and web. Parents must sign a form indicating that they DO NOT want photos of their children published.

Parent / Teacher / Pupil Meetings

The school has some formally organised Parent/Teacher Meetings scheduled each year. These are a very good opportunity for you to talk to the teachers and find out how your student is progressing at school. Even if your child has had an excellent report, it is worthwhile for you to come and talk to the teachers and exchange information.

Phone calls

Phone calls are the preferred method of communication when there is an urgent issue. Please make sure you keep the school informed of your latest phone contact numbers. Please contact the school to pass on a message and do not ring a student if they have a mobile phone.

Reporting on student progress and achievement

All students receive reports issued on the basis of their completion of course requirements and their achievement of learning outcomes. Students in Year 11 receive half-yearly and yearly reports. Students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 receive reports at the end of the semester. Year 12 receive reports after the Half Yearly and Trial HSC exams.

School Website

The latest information is always posted on our school website. The address for our website is The school website contains a wealth of information for parents about the school and our policies and procedures.

School Newsletter

The school newsletter is emailed home three times a term (Weeks 3, 6 and 9) and contains information about upcoming and past events. It is essential that the school has the correct email address as often important notes are posted with the newsletter. The newsletter can also be found on the school’s webpage and Facebook page.

School Correspondence

Please make sure that you continually update your contact details with the school. The school will send correspondence through the mail to parents and carers. In particular, if there are behavioural or attendance issues with students, official warning letters from the school will be issued. If you have concerns or questions regarding the letter, please contact the staff member named in the letter.

Student Daily Notices

Each morning during roll call students are read the Daily Notices which inform about important events, information and reminders. This is the main form of regular communication with all students.