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Lismore High Campus School Uniform


Safe footwear is a Work Health and Safety requirement for many school activities. Department of Education policy states: ―Thongs, open type sandals or shoes, canvas type shoes and joggers, shall not be worn in practical classes where there is a possibility of injury through spillage of hot liquids, metals, or the dropping of heavy or sharp instruments, tools, etc. While it is not possible to specify any one standard to meet all situations, shoes with stout sole and firm leather uppers are considered necessary. For this reason non-leather joggers are not safe for classes where the above issue could occur. As a result we require plain black leather shoes for all students at all times. Students are excluded from practical lessons if their shoes do not meet the requirements. The cooperation of parents is requested in ensuring that their children wear correct footwear.

When purchasing your child’s footwear, please use the following images as a general guide. All shoes MUST be full leather, plain black shoes and should NOT extend over the ankle or have a platform. The leather must cover the whole foot for safety. Students are expected to wear black leather upper shoes.

Joggers and runners for PDHPE and Sport

Sport shoes should be predominantly white (white socks), either lace up or Velcro. Black joggers (as pictured) are acceptable—worn with black socks. Shoes should be supportive of the feet during exercise. The whole of the upper foot must have a solid cover. Sports shoes are not to be worn at any time of the school day other than for practical PDHPE or sports day. They should be carried in the student’s bag and changed into for PDHPE classes.

At the conclusion of PDHPE classes, students should change their shoes back to plain, black leather school shoes. Incorrect sports shoes - Slip on sports shoes are not permitted. These include canvas shoes as they are not supportive or appropriate for sport and PDHPE.

Socks and Stockings

Socks should be either, plain white or black and should be worn approximately 2cm above the ankle. Footless leggings, knee length stockings are not permitted. Stockings can be worn with the Junior and Senior Skirt in neutral or black.

Jewellery and make-up

Students are entitled to wear a moderate amount of jewellery to school, as long as it does not pose as a risk to themselves or others. The restrictions include:

  • Earrings are restricted to the wearing of small sleepers and studs
  • Inappropriately tagged jewellery should not be worn
  • Facial piercings can only contain a simple stud or must be covered by a Bandaid
  • Necklaces must be worn short or under clothing
  • Bracelets and other adornments are not to be too thick or studded
  • Rings should be small and should not protrude excessively
  • Make-up is to be kept to a minimum

Junior Girls Uniform


  • White button up shirt worn out with
  • Tartan skirt (stockings optional) OR
  • Black dress shorts OR
  • Black long dress pants OR
  • Black tights may only be worn under the school skirt, shorts or pants and NOT on their own
  • Tie (optional)
  • School jumper or school jacket
  • White socks, black shoes
  • School hat

Junior boys Uniform


  • Grey button up shirt
  • Black ‘college’ shorts (button/zip),- with shirt worn in or out OR
  • Black elastic waisted ‘blocker’ shorts- shirt worn out (note: not microfibre sport shorts) OR
  • Long black ‘college’ trousers
  • Tie (optional)
  • School jumper or jacket
  • Black socks, black shoes
  • School hat

Sports Uniform (Male and Female) Unisex, Junior and Senior

  • Sport shirt
  • Black Microfibre shorts (NOTE: for sport only not everyday)
  • Black long microfiber track pants (optional)
  • Jacket
  • White /black socks sport shoes

Senior Uniform

Senior Girls Uniform


  • White senior shirt
  • Black skirt (stockings optional) OR
  • Black dress pants or shorts
  • Tie (optional)
  • Jersey OR
  • Blazer
  • White socks, black shoes

Senior Boys Uniform


  • White senior shirt (worn in or out)
  • Black ‘college’ shorts OR
  • Black ‘college’ long pants
  • Belt (optional)
  • Tie (optional)
  • Jersey OR
  • Blazer
  • Black socks, black shoes

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