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School uniform is compulsory for all students attending Lismore High Campus. This policy is wholly endorsed and written in collaboration with Lismore High P&C. The wearing of school uniform is supported by the Department of Education. Lismore High Campus expects students to wear school uniform during school hours, while travelling to and from school, and when engaged in school activities out of school hours.

If students are representing the school they must be wearing school uniform. School uniform worn should be appropriate to the occasion i.e. everyday, formal or sport. At all times students should present as neat, tidy and clean and skirt and short length should always sit just above the knee. There will be occasions where alternative clothing is acceptable; such as sports carnivals when students wear their house colours and Mufti Days where casual or themed dress is allowed– as directed by the Principal.

Lowes is our sole uniform supplier. Uniforms can be purchased online and at Lowes in the Lismore Square Shopping Centre. It is expected that students will wear the sports uniform for practical PDHPE and sport classes, activities and competitions. The Sports uniform is not to be worn when travelling to and from school except on sport day or sports carnivals. Practical PDHPE classes require students to bring their sport uniform to school in their school bag and change in /out of as required for the class.

Carers who need support with purchasing uniform may approach the Principal, who will make any determination on uniform assistance. Second-hand uniforms may also be available via the school office.

There are some loan uniforms available for students to change into when they are not wearing the correct uniform. Non-uniform clothing will be kept in the uniform clinic until the end of the day for students to collect. Loaned clothing items are to be returned at that time. Refusal to wear the school uniform will be treated as repeated disobedience and be dealt with under the school discipline code.

Out of Uniform

If, because of unusual circumstances, a student is unable to wear a particular regulation item of campus clothing, the student must bring a note of explanation signed and dated by their parent/carer to the Administration Office or Deputy Principals before 9.00am. It is likely that students may be directed to change into one of the emergency uniform items the campus holds.

Responses to students who refuse to wear school uniform

1. Persistent non-compliers will not be able to participate in extra-curricular activities such as sports, music performances, activities days, representation of the campus for any reason and other organised events.

2. Students out of uniform may not be permitted

  • a. to attend special campus assemblies (e.g. Excellence Assemblies)
  • b. on stage at other assemblies to receive awards
  • c. to participate in an excursion
  • d. allowed on the bus first
  • e. to represent the campus for any event including sports

Lismore High Campus is a uniform campus. Thank you for supporting this expectation.