The Rivers Secondary College, Lismore High Campus

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School Hours

Start times

School commences at 8:30 am Monday to Friday for Year 11 and Year 12 students. If there is no class at this time, senior students can sign in on their first teaching period.

For Years 7 to 10, school starts at 9.10 am with roll call. Students are expected to attend roll call and those not attending will be marked absent. Roll Call ends at 9.20am.

Late Arrival

When a student arrives at school after 9.15 am, he/she must sign in at the Administration Office to obtain a late pass. The student should have a parent/caregiver note giving an acceptable reason for the late arrival. If the student does not have a parent note, or the reason given is unacceptable, they may be given a detention.

Finish times

School finish varies for Year 11 and Year 12, depending on when their last teaching period is for the day. If they have no scheduled classes until 3.15pm, the student must sign off before leaving the school. The scheduled finish time is 3.15pm Monday to Friday for Year 11 and Year 12 students. The senior student attendance policy has the specific details.

For Years 7 to 10, School finishes at 3.15pm Monday to Friday.

Early Leave

In cases of necessity, students may be granted permission to leave school before the end of the school day. A letter from parents is required and should show the date it is written, student’s name, Roll Call class, the time and date when the student wishes to leave, the reason for the request anda signature of a parent or guardian. This letter should be handed to the Front Office before 9.10 am of that day. The student will be issued with a leave pass and may leave the school grounds at the allocated time.