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The Rivers Secondary College, Lismore High Campus

The Rivers Secondary College, Lismore High Campus

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Telephone02 6621 5185

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address Dalley Street
Lismore NSW 2480

telephone 02 6621 5185 02 6621 5185

fax 02 6622 2940 02 6622 2940

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Administration office (Ngullungmay)

The Administration office is located in Ngullungmay. Parents wishing to see staff, make appointments, enrolments, interviews, meetings, pick up sick students or make payments need to report to Ngullungmay. The administration staff will assess your needs and direct your inquiry to the appropriate staff member.

People who are on school grounds without permission are trespassing, and the police may be contacted. When visiting the school, visitors are expected to act in a manner compatible with societal norms. As the school is on crown land, visitors are subject to the Inclosed Lands Act. Visitors or parents not acting in an appropriate manner can be subject to an Inclosed Lands Act notice and can be prohibited entry to the school.

Administration Hours

8.30am until 3.30pm Monday to Friday during the school term