The Rivers Secondary College, Lismore High Campus

Success with Pride

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About our school

Lismore High School caters for a wide range of students, most of whom reside in Lismore City or nearby rural areas. We aim to work with parents and caregivers to provide a caring and supportive environment that will maximise each student's potential to develop into responsible citizens.

Students are expected to demonstrate their citizenship of Lismore High School by their cooperation, respect for others and diligence.

All Year 7 students follow a set curriculum to provide a transition between primary classes and the vertically unitised curriculum which they enter in term 4. This learning program concludes with the School Certificate award in Year 10, followed by the Higher School Certificate curriculum pattern in Years 11 and 12. Students with a sensory or intellectual disability follow individual programs, as a consequence of their placement in the support unit. Many are fully integrated into mainstream classes.

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