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F.A.Q on Attendance

Frequently asked questions on attendance

How long do I have to explain my child’s absence?

You have only seven days to explain the absence. You may phone the school or send an absentee note to explain the absence. If the school cannot get in contact with you by phone, they will send you an absentee letter requesting an explanation.

Must the school accept my explanation for my child being absent?

No. The Principal has the discretion to refuse the explanation. In most cases, the school will accept your explanation. However, the school also may require you to submit a medical certificate or sign a statutory declaration. An example might be where a parent says their child won’t be attending the school sports carnival.

When must I supply a medical certificate for an absence?

If a student has seen a doctor, it is advisable to obtain a medical certificate. Students, who are undertaking the Preliminary Higher School Certificate or the Higher School Certificate, are required to have medical certificates when unable to complete assessment tasks on certain days and also applying for illness / misadventure.

Must my child attend school sports carnivals?

Yes. School sports carnivals are scheduled school days where all students must attend. Even though they may not be participating in an event they are required to attend.

Must my child attend school sport?

Yes. Children are required to undertake sport from Kindergarten to Year 11. Students in Year 12 may choose to do sport but it is optional.

Can my student do private music lessons during school hours?

No. Students must attend school for the whole scheduled day. If they leave to attend lessons they will be marked absent and may be referred to the Home School Liaison Program, Child Wellbeing Unit or the Department of Family and Community Services (DFACS).

We are going on a family holiday just before the school holidays. What do we do?

Contact the school before the trip and apply for an exemption.

What is an exemption?

An exemption legally allows your student to be away from school for a specific reason.

Can certain payments from Centrelink be affected by attendance at school?

Yes. The school notifies Centrelink on the attendance of students. Where student attendance is below the specified rate as indicated in the program, then payments may be terminated by Centrelink. It is essential that any absences are explained to the school as the school, cannot make changes after 7 days.

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