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Student Showcase

Support Unit Presentations

Students in the Support Unit work together regularly to create a presentation to show all the students of the school at assembly. These presentations include pictures and information about student work or activities that they have done throughout the year.

Lismore High Campus - Term 1 - Week 5

Agriculture, engineering, SRC assembly, war cries, swimming carnival, food technology, child care, Naval and Maritime Museum and woodwork.

Lismore High Campus - Term 1 - Week 7

Food technology, adventures of the Support Unit, flashback, STEM, year 8 Project - Power of Words, woodwork and agriculture.

Lismore High Campus - Term 2 - Week 5

Support Unit table tennis, Brandy Snap Baskets, year 7 food technology and the visual arts excursion.

Other Presentations

Sustainable Living - Project Based Learning - A Week in the Life of Year 8

Visited Ms Reece's house, Brunswick to see electric cycles, Byron visit and English Diorama assessment.