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Travelling to School

Bus Travel

Bus Pass Applications are available ‘online’ <>. Brochures for this website and further information are available at the school office. All students travelling by bus must follow the Code of Conduct for Students On Buses.

Teachers are rostered onto bus duty each afternoon at the campus Dalley Street Bus bay. Students are expected to remain at the bus bay area until their bus arrives. When their bus arrives they should have their bus passes out ready and to line up in single file to enter their bus. Students must obey the instructions of the bus driver and staff on bus duty at all times. Misconduct may result in discipline code consequences and bus passes being withdrawn by the bus company.

Car Travel

Students who are P plate licensed drivers, may wish to drive to school. Students are required to get an approval form from the school. Use of the car is for that student only and not for the transporting of other students. Siblings travelling with the P plate driver also need signed approval from their parents. Failure to comply with these directions will be treated as repeated misbehaviour and dealt with through the discipline code. The duty of care rests with the parents of students driving to school.


A staff carpark is located on campus – off College Road, leading near the Hall and Administration Block. Students are not to walk through staff carparks for safety reasons. There is limited parking onsite. Visitors to the school are requested not to park in the bus bay area during the sign posted bus stopping times.

Bicycles, Skateboards & Scooters

Must be left in the Block B bicycle lock-up located at the rear of B Bloc, throughout the school day. It is strongly recommended that students using these racks ensure the safety of their bicycles by locking them with a chain and padlock. Bicycles should be walked in and out of the school grounds and not ridden.

Skateboard and scooters are not to be ridden in school grounds. Students may travel on these devices to and from school. All skateboards, bikes and scooters can be locked in the space between B & C Block, by purchasing a key from Mr Swanbury.

Drop off and pick ups

Students can be dropped off at the drop off zone in College Street, near the school gate entrance, at the start of the day and at end of the day. Sometimes parents will come into the car park, off the front entrance on College Street. Please do no park past the school hall area unless you have permission or have someone requiring disabled access. Cars blocking access or parked beyond the school hall area may be towed away at the owner’s expense.

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