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Student Leadership Team

Student Leadership Team

There are two components to student leadership at Lismore High Campus. Senior students can be members of the Student Leadership Team. Membership on the Student Leadership Team is through a competitive merit based selection process. This merit-based selection process indicates the students that have the skill set to lead the student body. Following this process students in the senior leadership positions, two School-Captains and two Vice-Captains are voted for by students and staff. The School Captains and Vice-Captains are not based on gender but ability. The School Captains and Vice Captains are also the Head Prefects within the school. Other applicants who are unsuccessful at the School Captain level can contribute to the school through being prefects in charge of an area of responsibility in the school. The School Leadership Team works directly with the Principal and is also the portfolio leaders of the School Representative Council.

Members of the Student Leadership Team are role models in the school and are expected to wear full school uniform including blazers and ties as part of their daily uniform.

Student Representative Council (S.R.C)

The S.R.C. is a group of students who represent the student body and try to make the school environment a better place to be. They are the voice through which students can get their ideas and opinions expressed to the school staff and executive. They also provide leadership in the school body.

The SRC works with the Student Leadership Team. The Student Leadership Team has responsibilities of leading various school portfolios. All members of the student leadership team are also members of the SRC.

Students nominate to be on the SRC. They are interviewed by the Student Leadership Team to determine if they have the energy and commitment to be on the SRC. Those who are successful will be put up for voting within each year level, with the exception of Year 7 and Year 12.

Students will vote at the start of 2018 for their representatives. Students who are selected for the SRC have their own roll class that meets daily.

For 2019, Miss Rebecca MacKenzie is the SRC coordinating teacher.